How many miles on your private, main car at the moment?

How many miles on your private, main car at the moment?

Poll: How many miles on your private, main car at the moment?

Total Members Polled: 878

Less than 1,000: 1%
1,000-4,999: 3%
5,000-9,999: 3%
10,000-19,999: 5%
20,000-49,999: 17%
50,000-74,999: 16%
75,000-99,999: 16%
100,000-149,999: 27%
150,000-200,000: 9%
Over 200,000: 4%


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We have a v90 cross country with 205 miles delivered yesterday

A grand Cherokee with 85k faultless miles

And an 80 series Landcruiser with 205,000 mileson it.

It wouldn't take much to make the Landcruiser feellikeamore solid car than the Volvo!

Second Best

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92,000 miles on my daily. 133,000 on my toy. 24,000 on my nicer toy.


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My X-Type turned 140,000 last week. Volvo on 72k.


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The FIAT is closing in on 150,000 miles.

Mr Tidy

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109K on my daily, but "just" 90K on my weekender!

They may be old, but I am now! laugh


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All mine are over 100k miles at least 15 years old. I could afford to buy something newer, but I cant even get my man maths calculator to justify the depreciation on a single car that will only do a few thousand miles a year.
The whole ‘must have something new/impressive’ on the drive has passed me by. My smartest car sits hidden in the garage and my p38 smoker and the wife’s a4 are on the drive.


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My Mondeo st is on around 130k currently. It’ll stay till it isn’t worth my pocket or time to repair...but that will take a lot as I love it dearly.

My jag is on 76k


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The Astra G I drive in Bulgaria has just ticked over 170k miles but that's on its second dashboard (it was changed from km to miles when it was imported to the UK). I think it was on about 150k km on the original so that puts it on about 260k miles in total. It looks a bit tatty but still goes well enough and is remarkably original. Because labour is so cheap here it takes an awful lot more to put cars "beyond economical repair" and broken components which garages would just blindly replace in the UK actually get fixed.

Our cars in the UK are now on about 130k and 58k for the Skoda and Lotus respectively, I think.

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My 58 520d clicked over 200k last week. I’d been looking forward to this minor landmark for about four months; the car was outside on 199999 when my wife got up early and took it to the doctors.


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Quattroporte 114k Miles (we have done 70k of those)
Alfa Giulietta qv 11k Miles which we have just got to replace our 159 2.4 which had 134k

Genuine Barn Find

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Daily is a 2006 C6 3.0 Allroad.... just ticked over onto 112,000 miles. I’d quite like a Disco 4 or maybe a bi-turbo C7 Allroad, but can’t justify purchasing one when the current car does everything I need it to (I’ve owned 3 and they are fantastic bits of kit). It’s got a few nicks and marks here and there, but it sailed through its MOT last week and wafted the family down to South Wales yesterday without missing a beat. I’m really rather fond of it and it (in my opinion) still looks smart (and classless) when compared to more modern metal. My friend is a senior Audi Tech and says that the 3.0 lump is good for well over 200k.


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popegregory said:
My 58 520d clicked over 200k last week. I’d been looking forward to this minor landmark for about four months; the car was outside on 199999 when my wife got up early and took it to the doctors.
Hope it’s feeling better soon smile


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My 20065 e60 535d just turned 150k

Had it for 4 years and put 70k miles on it - Costs me tyres and Servicing

I traded my 2001 WRX PPP wagon (148k) for it and it is just as quick (in a straight line wink )

I am loathed to swap it as it is a superb motorway muncher


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42k on my Porsche, only car.


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100k 6 year old Mazda 6 estate
85K 9 year old MX-5
60K on 21 year old TVR


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Closing in on 197,000 miles in my XJS 4.0 runaround. Got a few other high mileage cars too but not daily drivers.


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ahenners said:
Ku7rt said:
My Ford Fiesta, 24000 miles. Barely put 1500 on it in 6 months ownership. Basically a waste
You revived a thread with no replies for over 8 years for that?!
And your point is?

Magnum 475

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E-Class diseasel daily: just turned 95k miles. Barely run in, still drives like new.

987S toy - just passed 85k miles. Also still drives like new, but unlike the Merc has had all the suspension replaced, new wheel bearings, brake refresh including master cylinder, new rads, uprated IMS bearing......... whereas the Merc has had its standard services and nothing else but tyres, pads & discs.


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Daily/only car - 1999 Ford Puma - 62500
Most days commuter - 2014 Triumph Street triple - 21000


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Merc C63s 4.9k
Westfield 10k
Porsche 101k

M135i, sold at 22k
GTR, sold at 55k