Star Turn: Capri From The Professionals On Ebay

Ready for another car chase...
Ready for another car chase...
Used Capris are not ordinarily the subject of front-page news on PistonHeads, but this 1981 Mk3 3.0S is something a bit different - this is Bodie's silver 3.0S , used in the final series of The Professionals.

The car, with its distinctive VHK 12W registration plate, is up for sale on internet auction site eBay. At the time of writing, the car is currently bid up to £9,250, but the auction still has several days left to run, so the final figure could be comfortably more than that.

Like any good secondhand car should, VHK 12W comes with a 12-month MoT and plenty of history, although in this case part of that history are two signed letters from Lewis Collins - the actor who played Bodie in the TV series.

Distinctive plate a clue to the car's past
Distinctive plate a clue to the car's past
The car, which is listed as having had 10 owners, was recently rebuilt and, according to the vendor "is still in good condition for year with just a few rust spots starting to come through." The owner also says that the carburettor-fed 153bhp Essex V6 "runs fine with no smoke".

There is also what sounds like a shedload of spares thrown in with the car, so the new owner should be able to patch their new baby up after a tyre-smoking car chase through back streets packed with cardboard boxes.

If you have a hankering after a piece of early eighties TV nostalgia, or if you simply like cars with a fine tartan seat fabric, go and make a bid by clicking here (auction ends 1 July, 9pm).


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  • x200sxy 26 Jun 2009

    £9250 for a MkIII Capri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j_s14a 26 Jun 2009

    I love watching them 'hooning' around in thier Capris. So cool.

    Edited by j_s14a on Friday 26th June 14:22

  • GingerWizard 26 Jun 2009

    3.0l V6 156 BHP? really?

    sleeper anyone?

  • LuS1fer 26 Jun 2009

    I'll never really understand why having a "celebrity link" makes anything worth more...ever. Here's a mint Capri for £4000. Here's one used in a rubbish TV series for £10000. Duh! It's just a car and I need some letters from Lewis Collins like I need some technical articles written by Jade Goody.

  • dudleybloke 26 Jun 2009

    i love the professionals but not that much! smile

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